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WES Giftbox

WES Giftbox

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WES Giftbox 

A special offer for WES members. Don't forget to use the exclusive WES member discount code. Choose your favourite nib option and then decide between a green or blue Endless Companion Pen Pouch. 

Bundle includes : 

  • Retro 51 UK Exclusive War Of The Roses - York Fountain Pen
  • Mann Inc x Retro 51 50ml Tudor Green Fountain Pen Ink
  • Endless Stealth Recorder - Featuring WES logo
  • Endless Companion 3 Pen Pouch ( Blue or Green)

Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen - War of the Roses - York (UK Exclusive)

“Continuing with the theme of nobility this UK exclusive produced by Retro 51 takes us back in time to the “War of the Roses"!

The York pen has been inspired by ’The Cousins War’ which happened over 600 years ago- otherwise popularly known as the 'War of the Roses’.

The War of the Roses lasted over 30 years and was part of one of the longest civil wars in English history. These wars were fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, the House of Lancaster (who used a Red Rose emblem) and House of York (who used a White Rose). 

The fight was for control of Henry VI, but later became a struggle for the throne itself after Henry VI died with no living heir. Both houses believed their claim to the throne to be stronger than the other.

The pen design is based on the House of York's heraldic badge, the white rose.

It has antique brass trim which complements the satin floral design of the pen with the York roses emblem on the top disc, finishing off the pen beautifully. The emblem of the white rose was first adopted as a heraldic badge by Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, whilst one of his brothers, John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster adopted a red rose. The last King to use the York rose was Richard III whose body was found under a carpark in 2015 in Leicester!

Gather dear friends and show your loyalty to the house of York with this Tornado. “

The Retro 51 EXT (extended) Tornado fountain pen is 2.5cm longer than the standard Retro 51 fountain pen, which enables it to hold two standard international ink cartridges or an ink converter (it comes with both). We have also created of bottled ink available here

Retro 51 x Mann Inc, have developed an Exclusive Limited Edition Fountain Pen Ink.  

Your Tornado pen comes in attractive gift packaging which doubles as a deskpen holder.

Length: 125mm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 28g

Retro 51 x Mann Inc Bottled Ink - Tudor Green 50ml

Retro 51 x Mann Inc, have developed an Exclusive Limited Edition Fountain Pen Ink.  

This is an Exclusive Ink manufactured by Diamine, 50ml bottles of Tudor Green are available, in this new exciting colour. 

It's a rich sage green which is bold and confident. On good quality paper (we recommend Endless Regalia) a wet ink that is desaturated with hints of light brown and yellow. No shading or sheen, the ink will start off looking very dark and then drys lighter. 

From Sunil Malkani "It's super wet, lots of fun to write with, almost lubricates the paper as you go along"

An exciting new and exclusive green, that complements our Exclusive "The War Of The Roses - York" 

Endless Recorder Notebook - Stealth Special Edition - Dotted Regalia Paper


Welcome to the All-New Recorder Notebook made from our proprietary and ink-loving Regalia paper.  

Give all of your thoughts and dreams shape and form.

A companion that goes hand-in-hand with you wherever you go. Compact, sturdy, dependable – the Recorder is everything that you wished for!

Now with thicker 80gsm acid-free paper made in-house for your joy. Experience Regalia, our proprietary paper and feel the richness. Our handy hard-cover notebooks also come with an-inner pocket to store the essentials.

With one of the best color reproductions of ink on any paper, experience sheening and shading like never before.

Every Recorder Notebook has a fine leatherette cover with rounded corners, complete with an elastic enclosure and two page markers.
All 192 pages are completely acid-free and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards bleeding, ghosting and feathering, so you have the smoothest writing experience.


Here at Endless, we design our products with both the future of our customers and the planet in mind. Packed in simple yet elegant cotton pouchs, our pouch can be used to store your tools of choice.

Endless Companion Leather Adjustable 3 Pen Pouch - Blue or Green


It has always been cumbersome to store pens of varying thicknesses in pen holders, until now. With our revolutionary Adjustable Elastic Band, you can store all your writing instruments snugly. In addition to the 3 Pen Slots, the Companion contains a dedicated slot for an additional refill/cartridge. The left side also includes a document flap with 3 slots for cards. Let the Companion take care of your tools, while you take care of creating!






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