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The Good Blue

The Good Blue R615 - Piano Black

The Good Blue R615 - Piano Black

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Single mindedly designed to produce beautiful flex lines. Precision engineered to be your pen of choice. 

The R615 is designed to be as simple as possible (but no simpler). The overall form is described by a single elliptical curve and a flat plane. Beauty through mathematics. The flat sections line up to make a roll stop across three components: A Swiss watchmakers’ technique. 

R615 is designed in London and made in the UK.

The Good Blue are a London based engineering and design studio. Focussed on creating precision machined fountain pens. The brand is recognised for their function-led design and clean, minimalist forms. Their products are sustainably produced locally and in small batches. 

Take your pick from our selection of nibs and feeds

R615 is available with our carefully designed range of monoline nibs 

  • It's Always Fine - A precise, fine tipped nib. Perfect for detailed sketching, notes in margins and small handwriting or journaling. Stainless steel, plastic feed.
  • Happy Medium - A wet, monoline medium. Perfect for that everyday writer or artist who likes a consistent line. Stainless steel, plastic feed.
  • Broadly Speaking - A juicy broad nib. Perfect for bold sketches. And for showing off shading and shimmering inks. Great for writing or joyurnaling with emphasis! Stainless steel, plastic feed.
  • Zoom Nib - The ultimate in versatility. Varying the angle of the pen to paper give you a fine to double broad line. Writes medium at a natural angle and extra fine reversed. Gold plated stainless steel, plastic feed.


Length: 150mm

Length uncapped: 138mm (inc. nib)

Diameter: 16mm

Section diameter: 10.5 mm, pinch point 10.25mm 

Weight: 44.18 gms

Weight uncapped: 34.15 gms with nib unit

Materials: 6082 aluminium, anodised and 304L stainless steel


We're serious about sustainablity. And it's a key consideration in all our products and processes. Our products are designed to be used for decades. And they don't have any single-use plastic or petrolium derived materials. Same with all our packaging. We try to keep our studio single-use product free and reuse and upcycle most materials. Our maufacturing process means there's nearly no rejection or failed parts. And all the excess aluminium and brass from manufacturing is cleaned on-site and is almost 100% recycled. For products and packaging, our components and raw materials are sourced as locally as possible - in most cases from within the UK. It's a simple, common-sense approach. And in most cases, it's fairly easy to find a sustainable solution that works as well, if not better.


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