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Super Guppy - F-BTGV (Silver)

Super Guppy - F-BTGV (Silver)

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Super Guppy  – please read carefully! (Silver)


A few more short yet important points about the Super Guppy Edition:


  • The silver Aviationtags are thermo printed and not laser engraved due to the fact that they do not have paint on it, that we could remove with the laser. We strongly suggest to use our Aviationtag cover with it, to prevent the print from being scratched off.
  • All Aviationtags of that edition will have scratches – the aircraft is very old and so the fuselage does not look brand new anymore. It is a vintage edition, just like the American Airlines MD82.
  • The paint of the colored Aviationtags is not in ideal condition. Only parts of that are the original paint, some of it has been added by the team of the Super Guppy Restauration Project in Bruntingthorpe and it is not authentic aircraft paint that they used. So it is to be expected that the paint is flaky and can come off at the edges. We suggest to use the protective Aviationtag case as well.


None of the above is being considered a reason for a refund or complaint. If you are unhappy with either of the points, please let us know and we will gladly cancel and refund your pre-order.


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