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Retro 51

Retro 51 x Mann Inc Bottled Ink - Merlin Blue 50ml

Retro 51 x Mann Inc Bottled Ink - Merlin Blue 50ml

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Merlin Blue Ink 

Retro 51 x Mann Inc. has developed an Exclusive Limited Edition Fountain Pen Ink called Merlin. The name"Merlin" refers to the engine fitted to the Spitfire, which was hand-built by Rolls Royce and known for its impressive power and endurance. This ink perfectly matches our new Spitfire Fountain Pen.

This Exclusive Ink colour formulation, manufactured by Diamine, is limited to 50 50ml bottles.

Merlin Blue creates a chromatic light undertone of light blue that gradually transitions into a powerful and dominant darker grey blue. This satisfying color split produces an ink that will generate interest after it dries, revealing multiple shades and depths.


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