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Retro 51

Retro 51 Tornado - Spitfire (Mann Inc Exclusive)

Retro 51 Tornado - Spitfire (Mann Inc Exclusive)

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On the  6th of June 2019 we mark the 75th Anniversary of D-day, or the Battle of Normandy, when Allied forces landed on the heavily fortified beaches of France. The invasion was one of the largest amphibious and aerial operations in history that included 5000 ships carrying 156,000 troops while overhead an estimated 13,000 aircraft provided air cover and mission support. The Spitfire Mk IX was one of these fighter aircraft with the role of aerial support, escorting bombers and providing targeting assistance to Allied ships.

 The Retro 51 Tornado Spitfire is a retractable rollerball pen with a trademarked knurled twist-top. Mk IX Spitfire, Reg JE-J has authentic WWII D-Day markings and features acid-etched printing to recreate plane panels, exhaust and rivets markings. A unique paint finish where no two pens are identical, much the same as the real fighter aircraft at the time.

 Each pen is finished with stonewashed pewter trim to give it an aged look and the top disc features the Spitfire’s tail marking. 

 The Spitfire is a limited edition of 1000 rollerballs with each pen’s top ring engraved with the serial number. It has been packaged in a commemorative tube, that also includes a 6” x 10” art print by Andrew Hay from Flying Art UK. 

 Mann Inc are based near to Castle Bromwich. This factory was the largest Spitfire factory in the UK that produced over 12,000 of these fighter planes. The love of aviation continues in the family run company with Richard being an airline pilot and wife Kim a former cabin attendant.

 With the 75th anniversary of D-Day it is a fitting tribute to all of the brave service men and women that heroically lost their lives or put them on the line to liberate Europe and end the Second World War.


The Tornado Spitfire takes a Schmidt P8127 rollerball refill, or alternatively you could fit an EasyFlow refill if you prefer ballpoints.

Spitfire Details:
·         6" x 4" Spitfire Print included.
·         Limited Edition numbered top ring.
·         Acid-etched, panel, rivet and exhaust details
·         Authentic WWII fighter markings
·         Antique Pewter trim
·         Tail marking top disc design
·         Exclusive Spitfire packaging tube



Your Tornado pen comes in attractive gift packaging which doubles as a deskpen holder.

Length: 125mm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 28g

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