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Retro 51

Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen - USPS Sailboats

Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen - USPS Sailboats

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Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen - Sailboats

Sail into the end of summer with the help of the new USPS Sailboats stamp pen. The original stamps were design by Libby Vander Ploeg with Antonio Alcala serving as the art director. The stamps, as well as the pens capture the beauty of a gorgeous day on the water. The stamps depict a little harbor town on Lake Michigan and embrace the feeling of a day sailing. Enjoy your time out on the water and embrace the last moments of summer with the USPS Sailboats Rollerball Tornado.

Sailing into your hands is the new United States Postal Service stamp pen.

The original stamp artwork was designed by Libby VanderPloeg* and has been printed around the barrel of this Tornado rollerball pen. The stamps and this pen captures the beauty and peaceful feeling of sailing

A sailing adventure is one of the true joys. The breeze

Let's go on a sailing adventure! The peaceful feeling of the breeze blowing against your face as the boat glides over the water is amazing. This sensation was the inspiration behind the latest United States Postal Service sailboat stamps. The art was illustrated by Libby VanderPloeg who grew up in the harbor town of Grand Haven, Michigan and was accustomed to seeing the colorful sails on the horizon. The two postcard stamp's art has been printed onto the stainless barrel of this Tornado Rollerball pen complete with polished chrome accents and topped with one more sailboat on the finial.

Each pen is numbered on the top ring and loaded in a USPS packaging tube.

Whether you're about to board the deck or you're just dreaming of your next voyage, pick up the USPS Sailboats pen by Retro51 to fill your sails.

Antonio Alcala served as the art director. The stamps are currently available on or at your local post office.

USPS Route Master - PRR-2372

    • Numbered Edition (IE not limited)
    • Printed Sailboats stamp illustrations 
    • Polished Chrome Accents
    • Top disc - white sailboat silhouette
    • USPS - Retro51 Packaging Tube
    • Rollerball Refill

The Tornado rollerball pen takes a Retro 51 rollerball refill or Schmidt P8127/P8126/P8120 rollerball refill, or alternatively you could fit a Retro 51 ballpoint refill or EasyFlow refill if you prefer ballpoints.

Your Tornado pen comes in attractive gift packaging which doubles as a deskpen holder.

Length: 125mm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 28g

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