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Retro 51

Retro 51 Tornado EXT Fountain Pen - Nikola Tesla

Retro 51 Tornado EXT Fountain Pen - Nikola Tesla

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Futurist, inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, Nikola Tesla was a genius well ahead of his time. His inventions are still being used to this day and his theories were so advanced that they continue to be studied, experimented on and even power the modern world. 

This Tornado's design was inspired by Tesla's spiral coil used in his wireless power experiments. Concentric circles are acid-etched into the cap and barrel then plated in copper and finished with platinum appointments giving it a radiant and magnetic aesthetic. Pick up this new Tornado and rub shoulders with genius. 

Retro 51 Tornado EXT Fountain Pen -Nikola Tesla :

  • Acid-etched cap and barrel
  • Copper Plating 
  • Platinum Accents 
  • Nikola Teslas on top disc

Commemorative Packaging TubeThe Retro 51 EXT (extended) Tornado fountain pen is 2.5cm longer than the standard Retro 51 fountain pen, which enables it to hold two standard international ink cartridges or an ink converter (it comes with both). We also have a selection of bottle ink available here.



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