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Retro 51

Retro 51 Tornado EXT Fountain Pen - Jefferson

Retro 51 Tornado EXT Fountain Pen - Jefferson

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Jefferson Fountain Pen

The Jefferson Fountain Pen is aged to perfection, bound to be a classic and, some even say, presidential. This Tornado Fountain Pen has been plated in an all-antique silver finish, so it has a vintage heirloom quality straight out of the packaging which only gets better with use. The tactile barrel and cap have an acid-etched pattern that gives it a light texture and sturdy posting. Choose from four nib options that load into a contoured brass grip section with a high gloss lacquer, so it fits comfortably in hand. Declare your indePENdence from ugly pens with this new Retro51 Fountain.


The Retro 51 EXT (extended) Tornado fountain pen is 2.5cm longer than the standard Retro 51 fountain pen, which enables it to hold two standard international ink cartridges or an ink converter (it comes with both). We also have a selection of bottle ink available here.

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