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Retro 51

Retro 51 Alice in Wonderland Rollerball

Retro 51 Alice in Wonderland Rollerball

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Fall down the rabbit hole with Retro51’s newest Rollerball and 1.15 mm Pencil! Immerse yourself in the magic of Lewis Carroll's timeless tale with each writing instrument adorned with captivating Alice in Wonderland graphics set against a glow in the dark barrel. Whether you're jotting down notes, doodling in the margins, or simply admiring the exquisite illustrations, these Literary Tornados™ are sure to spark your imagination and add a touch of wonder to your everyday writing experience.

Presented in a charming book-style gift box, each writing instrument comes complete with a matching bookmark adorned with a delightful red tassel. Unlock your own adventures in Wonderland with Alice in Hand.

Alice in Wonderland printed design on GID barrel - blue glow

Custom illustrations from R51 Designer - Angel

Numbered Edition (ie. not limited)

Frosted Metallic Turquoise accents

“Down the Rabbit-Hole” on Top disc

Also available in 1.15 mm Pencil (sold separately)

Packaged in a magnetic snap-closure gift box

Includes matching bookmark with red tassel

The Tornado rollerball is a well balanced pen in the hand; it writes smoothly and effortlessly.

Each pen comes loaded with a Retro 51 rollerball refill or Schmidt P8126/P8127/P8120 Easily convert to a ballpoint with the Retro 51 REF71 or Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 refill.

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