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Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set

Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set

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 In Kaweco's historical records, the PERKEO model can be found as early as 1900, in the form of an eye- dropper, in a catalogue of the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (dip pen factory).

Today, the PERKEO is Kaweco's entry-level model. It stands out due to its ergonomic grip, octagonal cap and hexadecagon-shaped barrel. The Perkeo's expressive colour combinations range from light pastels to vibrant and nostalgic colours. 

The word calligraphy is derived from the Greek words “kallos” (pretty) and “graphien” (carve, engrave, write). It describes the act of recording a text in a pretty and expressive manner. For anyone who would like to try calligraphy, this is a great set for beginners. The ergonomic grip of the Perkeo series makes the pen particularly grippy in the hand, so it can be guided accurately while writing. This also allows details to be worked out superbly. 

The Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set consists of a complete pen with a 1.1mm nib, as well as two extra front parts with 1.5mm and 1.9mm nibs and 3 Pearl Black Kaweco Ink Cartridges.

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