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Kaweco COLLECTION Perkeo Fountain Pen - Infrared

Kaweco COLLECTION Perkeo Fountain Pen - Infrared

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The summer 2023 Kaweco Collection pen is a unique Perkeo model.

This pen is an extrovert!  It is an energetic infrared, full of power and luminosity. The translucent plastic reflects light off its many angles and edges, creating an impressive spectacle of light and shadow. The colour spectrum ranges from red to pink to orange, depending on the light intensity. 

A special highlight of this pen is its transparent ink feeder. Through it, you can watch the coloured ink make its way through the pen onto the paper. For the first time in the Collection series, the fountain pen comes with the matching Ruby Red ink cartridge as standard. Those who prefer to fill up from the ink bottle can also use a standard converter in the corresponding colour.

The Perkeo's ergonomic grip and barrel length allow for an optimised pen posture, making it ideal for beginners and experienced writers alike. It is available in nib sizes F and M.

The modern and stylish packaging is the perfect complement to the overall concept of the Perkeo Infrared, making it an eye-catcher on any shelf.

If you need the perfect accessories, you can choose between various ink colours and suitable standard converters. 


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