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Kaweco Collection - Mellow Blue

Kaweco Collection - Mellow Blue

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Kaweco Collection - Mellow Blue 

Kaweco COLLECTION is a range of approximately 6 special colours per year, which will be released in addition to the standard ranges. Each release is available to order for 12 months. It features colours that match current trends. With Kaweco COLLECTION, Kaweco can explore new colour combinations without the need to conform to the look of a particular series. The pens come in special packaging, have "Kaweco Collection" branding on them, and are mostly fountain pens.

If a colour proves to be super-popular, Kaweco may decide to make it a mainstream colour the following year.

The Kaweco Collection starts the summer breezily light. Dressed in a touch of pastel blue, this Sport model is made from high-quality plastic, with fresh silver-plated accents. The beautiful Mellow Blue colour creates a feeling of freedom, and unleashes limitless creativity, imitating the infinite blue summer sky. The Kaweco Collection Mellow Blue fountain pen creates the perfect atmosphere for capturing innovative ideas in peace and harmony. You can choose between five nib sizes from extra fine (EF) to extra broad (BB). All nibs and the entire fountain pen are made in Germany. It contains a Royal Blue ink cartridge as standard. 


Choose any standard ink cartridges to make this pen your own or bottled ink using a piston converter. We also stock a number of Kaweco pen pouches and clips.

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