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Kaweco Bronze Sport Rollerball Pen

Kaweco Bronze Sport Rollerball Pen

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Kaweco Bronze Sport Rollerball pen

The Kaweco Sport was first designed in 1911 as a pocket fountain pen which could be carried everywhere. It has an octagonal design and an oversized cap.

The Kaweco Bronze Sport rollerball pen measures only 10.5 cm when closed, but when the cap is mounted on top of the barrel it becomes a 13 cm-long, standard-sized pen, hence the slogan: "small in the pocket, large in the hand".

Bronze is a perfect material for writing instruments, due to its wear resistance and antibacterial properties. The hairline-finish makes the surface silk-matte, and creates a charismatic factory-look. Over time, the high-quality bronze develops a natural patina and makes every pen unique. Therefore, each writing tool tells its very own story.

The Kaweco Bronze Sport series is limited to a certain number of pieces and will not be produced again.

The Bronze Sport rollerball pen uses a G2 rollerball refill.

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