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Kaweco Brass Sport Push Pencil (0.7mm lead)

Kaweco Brass Sport Push Pencil (0.7mm lead)

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The Kaweco Brass Sport push pencil belongs to Kaweco's "Sport" range, which is based on their original 1930s octagonal design.  It weighs 37g and feels a balanced and substantial pencil.

The Kaweco Brass Sport range is made from solid uncoated brass and has a pleasing weightiness (45g) in the hand.  Over time it will, unless polished, develop a patina and a look unique to you.  In fact, Brass-Sport owners have a bit of a reputation for their obsession with the patina of their pen, and like to compare theirs with others!

Your Brass Sport push pencil uses 0.7mm leads, and comes in a Kaweco gift tin.

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