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Kaweco AL Sport Piston Filler - Black - Starter Set

Kaweco AL Sport Piston Filler - Black - Starter Set

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Since 1883, there have been various systems for filling a fountain pen. Today, ink cartridges are a widespread and popular filling method. In the past, fountain pens were mainly filled using ink bottles. Beside lever fountain pens and eyedroppers, the piston mechanism has been the most important and reliable filling system. In 1937, the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen was first presented as a piston filler under the name #612 and has been further developed in many different versions over the years.

Thanks to its clever compact mechanism, the Kaweco Sport Piston Filler is one of the smallest piston filler pens available yet it still holds approx. 1ml of ink (more than a standard international cartridge). Piston fillers allow for an infinite choice of inks, as many inks are only sold in bottles, not as cartridges.  The pen can be refilled quickly and easily with the smooth-running refill mechanism. A transparent ink window allows you to monitor the ink level at all times. 

The Kaweco Sport Piston filler has a matte black anodised aluminium body, which is durable and gives the pen a high-quality haptic. The perfect balance between the weight and diameter of the fountain pen ensures comfort during long periods of writing. The matte surface contrasts perfectly with the shiny golden elements including a golden integrated clip - which enhances the functionality with stylish elegance.

The Kaweco Sport Piston Filler is available either as a ready-to-use Starter Set, complete with a 32ml bottle of Royal Blue ink, or on its own. The Kaweco Piston Filler is presented in a novelty round nostalgic Kaweco tin, which also features a place to stand the pen upright on your desk. 


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Note: Due to the contained sulphur, the pen develops a patina and becomes an unique collector’s item with its own individual colouring over time. The original condition can be restored with a simple polish.

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