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Boeing 777 - N661WT - Black

Boeing 777 - N661WT - Black

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Embark on a captivating journey with the Boeing 777-200 N661WT Aviationtag Edition, narrating a tale of ambition and resilience. Initially soaring the skies as 9M-MRM and MSN 29066 for Malaysia Airlines from 2001 to 2016, this Boeing 777 faced an unforeseen detour in its destiny. Despite already being earmarked for Air Zimbabwe, painted in the airline's distinctive colors, the financial troubles and the onset of the global pandemic left its legacy unfulfilled.

Parked since 2018 in the vast expanse of the USA, we discovered this aviation gem, giving it a new life as an Aviationtag. Attach it to your keys or luggage and carry a piece of aviation history with you!

Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: B777

Registration: N661WT

Last airline: Air Zimbabwe

Note: Each tag is unique. Depending on the aircraft, they differ in their feel, thickness of the material and color. Small bumps tell of the many years in the skies and express the character of days gone by. Small scratches, paint chips and bumps are completely normal and give the Aviationtag its special charm - that of a vintage product made from upcycled materials. These special features are not the result of the production process, but reflect the condition of the aircraft material used!

The Air Zimbabwe Edition shows the long period of time it spent in the desert in the USA - the paint is no longer in optimal condition. If you use it as a keyring or luggage tag, we recommend using the Aviationtag protective cover .

Boeing 777: The Boeing 777 or Triple Seven is a twin-engine wide-body long-haul aircraft from Boeing for between 300 and 550 passengers, depending on the configuration. It is the largest twin-engine airliner in the world and used fly-by-wire technology for the first time. The Boeing 777 has been built since 1994 and was able to win United Airlines as its launch customer.

Depending on the model, the 777 is between 63.7m and 76.7m long and has a wingspan of up to 71.8m. The N661WT is the Boeing 777-200ER (Extended Range).

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