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Airbus A321 - HL7594 - Cream

Airbus A321 - HL7594 - Cream

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Authentic Piece of Aviation History:

The Aviationtag Asiana Airbus A321-100 HL7594! Delivered in November 2000 with MSN 1536 to Korean airline Asiana, it was registered as HL7594. Featuring a sole economy seating configuration of 200 seats, it primarily operated domestic routes within Korea, connecting us to Seoul. After completing its service in 2020, the A321 was parked as OE-IAI in Hondo, Texas, and eventually decommissioned in 2022.

Several components of the former Asiana Airbus then embarked on a journey to Germany by sea, to be upcycled by Aviationtag into our latest edition!

Claim Your Piece of the Sky: Secure your Asiana Airbus A321-100 Aviationtag now!


Manufacturer: Airbus

Model: A321

Registration: HL7594

Last airline: Asiana

Note: Every tag is unique. Depending on the plane, tags may vary in terms of haptics, material thickness and colour. Small blemishes bear witness to the plane’s long history and are an authentic reminder of its glory days over the clouds. Small scratches, flaky paint and imperfections are totally normal and give our Aviationtags their unique charm – the charm of a vintage product crafted from upcycled materials.These quirks are not the result of the production process, they simply reflect the state of the aircraft material we use when it was extracted. The original aircraft paint of this edition is rather sensitive, so please take good care of your tag!

If you want to use it as a key-chain or bag-tag we strongly suggest to use the Aviationtag protection cover.

Airbus A321: The Airbus A321 is a short to medium-range, narrow-body commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliner manufactured by the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. It can carry a maximum of 220 passengers. With a length of over 44 m, the A321 is the longest member of the single aisle family and about 7 m longer than the A320. After approval in 1993, the first delivery was to Lufthansa in 1994. Since then nearly 3000 A321 planes have been sold, making the longest fuselage member of the AIRBUS A320 family the second most successful model.


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