June update 2019. Our Exclusive Retro 51 Spitfire has taken off

June update 2019. Our Exclusive Retro 51 Spitfire has taken off

Exclusive Retro 51 Spitfire is launched, Mann Inc also visit the Stationary Show in London 2019.  New refreshed website launched. 

Hi I'm Richard, I help run Mann Inc with my wife Kim. We have built up Mann Inc over the last 5 years and are really proud of the products and customer service we offer. Any any time please feel free to get in touch, we love hearing from our customers. 


I have often wanted to write a blog for Mann Inc, I thought I would give it a try to tie in with the launch of our new exclusive Retro 51 pen, refreshed website and new products. We have been posting on social media quite a bit, find us on :

Twitter @inc_mann

Facebook @mannincltd  

Instagram mannincltd.

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/mannincltd

It has been fantastic to see the pictures from our customers, and interact in a different and fun way. 

London Stationary Show 2019

May 2019 has been a great month, we have visited the Stationary Show in London, and also launched some new and exciting Kawaco and Retro 51 products. Kim and Richard really enjoyed speaking with a new premium pencil brand, a luxury notebook company and also a new pen brand. Details to follow over the next few months. Its really exciting to add new and premium brands to our website. 



New website launch.

Our website www.manninc.co.uk has a fresh new look. With some new content, a brand new product review feature, also some new blogs, special offers and hopefully more interesting content to showcase collections from Retro 51 and Kaweco. 


Exclusive Mann Inc Retro 51 Limited Edition Spitfire Rollerball 

It has taken a lot of work to get our limited edition Retro 51 exclusive, we had some help from some really great people. Thank you to everyone at Retro 51, especially Ross, Richard and Vickie, a big thank you to Andy Hay from Flying Art. We have sold just under 300/1000 in the first week. We are literally blown away. 

For anyone who hasn't had a look here are the product details : 

On the  6th of June 2019 we mark the 75th Anniversary of D-day, or the Battle of Normandy, when Allied forces landed on the heavily fortified beaches of France. The invasion was one of the largest amphibious and aerial operations in history that included 5000 ships carrying 156,000 troops while overhead an estimated 13,000 aircraft provided air cover and mission support. The Spitfire Mk IX was one of these fighter aircraft with the role of aerial support, escorting bombers and providing targeting assistance to Allied ships.



 The Retro 51 Tornado Spitfire is a retractable rollerball pen with a trademarked knurled twist-top. Mk IX Spitfire, Reg JE-J has authentic WWII D-Day markings and features acid-etched printing to recreate plane panels, exhaust and rivets markings. A unique paint finish where no two pens are identical, much the same as the real fighter aircraft at the time.

 Each pen is finished with stonewashed pewter trim to give it an aged look and the top disc features the Spitfire’s tail marking. 


The Spitfire is a limited edition of 1000 rollerballs with each pen’s top ring engraved with the serial number. It has been packaged in a commemorative tube, that also includes a 6” x 10” art print by Andrew Hay from Flying Art UK. 

 Mann Inc are based near to Castle Bromwich. This factory was the largest Spitfire factory in the UK that produced over 12,000 of these fighter planes. The love of aviation continues in the family run company with Richard being an airline pilot and wife Kim a former cabin attendant.

 With the 75th anniversary of D-Day it is a fitting tribute to all of the brave service men and women that heroically lost their lives or put them on the line to liberate Europe and end the Second World War.


Spitfire Details:
·         6" x 10" Spitfire Print included
·         Limited Edition numbered top ring.
·         Acid-etched, panel, rivet and exhaust details
·         Authentic WWII fighter markings
·         Antique Pewter trim
·         Tail marking top disc design
·         Exclusive Spitfire packaging tube


New products from Kaweco 

New types of Perkeo Clamshell, in new colours All Black, Retro Block and Light Spring. Large choice of the fantastic Liliput range is coming next week and will be onsale early on the week.

The Kaweco mug, I use these every day.  For a bit of fun I would like to give away a Kaweco Mug to the person who posts the best picture on social media, it would need to feature one of the products we sell and kindly tag us in. 


New products by Retro 51

We have 10 Retro 51 Birds & Bees Popper rollerballs and also just listed the brand new Dimitri gift set.


Special Offer

As a special offer up until the end of June, any customer who buys an exclusive Retro 51 Spitfire can use the Promo Code SPITFIREWINGMAN to qualify for a 20% discount on the Wingman collection.


The reaction to our Spitfire has been fantastic, we really appreciate the positive feedback. 

Thats all for May 2019, thanks for reading our first blog post. Thank you for being a  valued customer and taking an interest in Mann Inc. 

Warm regards,


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