Yookers Yooth 591 Fiber-tip Pen - Black Lacquer


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YOOTH 591 Black lacquer on metal cap and barrel, shiny chrome parts and section.

Discover the very first fiber-tip pen fitted with standard international ink cartridges, A unique design with an unbeatable writing smooth-ness, it will follow you everywhere and you soon won’t be able to do without it.

We found this new fibre-tip excellent for sketching, writing and really suiting your style. This world first is really cost effective, ink cartridges last with this delivery system. You can even replace the tip if you find yourself using your new pen all of the time. Black Lacquer colour, made in a high quality lacquer. The cap has a chrome clip and top, it also comes with one Yookers erasable blue standard international ink cartridge.

This pen comes with a 1.0mm (Fine) tip as standard, however you can buy different tips from 0.8mm up to 1.4mm thickness. 

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