Yookers Corus Fiber-tip - Black Lacquer (Fine) 1.0mm Tip


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Sleek is the word, a thin line combined with an efficient clipping cap, make Corus a clear choice for all stylish minds. Black lacquer vertical lines, shiny chrome parts.

This Corus has a push-cap with a smooth soft click. The pen sits in a Yookers Display box, this can hold up to 2 spare nibs and comes with a standard international converter so you can fill this pen from a bottle of fountain pen ink, or it also accepts short and long standard international cartridges. 

The front grip section is removable and interchangeable so you can easily clean the pen as well as switch out the tip size. We have an offer available where you can add extra tip's (Front sections) for a 25% discount when you buy a Yookers Corus. Just add this item to the shopping cart and a pop up offer will be displayed. This pen comes with a Fine Tip 1.0mm as standard.

We recommend staying away from highly pigmented or shimmering inks in these pens, as the pigment/glitter will clog and not make its way through the tip onto your paper. Conventional fountain pen inks will work best.

To clean this pen:

  1. Unscrew the barrel from the tip section.
  2. Rinse the tip by filling and emptying it with water (repeat this until the water is clear). Use caution as ink residue will flow out.
  3. Place the tip section into a beaker or other container of clean water. The water level should completely cover the tip. Be sure to use room temperature or lukewarm water. Distilled water will work best (tap water sometimes contains particles which may clog the feed). Never use alcohol, as this will damage the feed or other parts of the pen.
  4. Let the tip soak for 10 to 15 minutes, then blot dry with a paper towel. Soak the tip overnight if necessary.
  5. Wash your pen every few weeks or whenever changing ink colors.

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