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VIKING RFID wallet with AirTag pocket - Insider line

VIKING RFID wallet with AirTag pocket - Insider line

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A small wallet with a big interior.

Two easy-access pockets perfectly organize documents, cards or business cards. A folding banknote pocket is an added bonus. Thanks to the RFID technology used in the wallet design, your sensitive data and credit card funds are completely safe and protected from unauthorized reading or theft. The designed AirTag holder allows you to conveniently store the additional security of your wallet. A special gradual ejection mechanism allows you to quickly reach for the one you are looking for.

Ideal for connoisseurs - minimalists.

    Details & Specifications:

    • Made from vegetable-tanned Nomad leather | Insider line
    • Black color
    • Banknote pocket
    • Holds 8 cards
    • Registered design®
    • AirTag holder
    • RFID protection
    • Snap closure
    • 9.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm


      NOMAD leather is the highest quality full-grain pull-up leather. It has been soaked in a special oil so that the wallet acquires a patina over time. It brightens up in the folds, is easily scratched and gently rubbed off, acquiring the noble look of vintage leather. However, it is possible to restore the original appearance of the leather by polishing it.

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