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Super Guppy Pre-Order  – please read carefully! (Special 10% OFF other items bought at the same time)

Today you have a unique opportunity to pre-order a genuine piece of aviation history: Our Super Guppy F-BTGV Aviationtag edition!

We’re expecting the series to sell out very quickly, so we’re giving you the chance to lock in your Super Guppy Aviationtag now in our pre-sale! The tags should be ready to ship in late April.

And that’s not all: we have material in silver, blue, orange and red – the classic Super Guppy livery. As we haven’t started the production process yet, we still don’t know how many Aviationtags of which colour there will be and how things will shape up with multi-coloured tags.

That’s why in the pre-sale you’ll just be buying a single colour tag and the colour will be a surprise, but of course stunning either way. We’ll choose the colour at random and if you buy more than one, we’ll try to include as many different colour variations as possible. To boost the appeal even more, we’ll also include most of the multi-coloured Aviationtags in random order instead of the single coloured ones!

Do you need more reasons to pre-order now? Be quick, because the number of pre-orders is limited too!

If you order other products with this one, they will be dispatched once Super Guppy is ready for shipping.

On top of this, if you add any other Aviationtag product to this PRE-ORDER we will automatically give you a 10% discount on the non Super Guppy Aviationtag items. 

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