Retro 51 Tornado Yoga Ballpoint Pen - Chakra

Retro 51

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Glow in the dark barrel

Sometimes when life gets loud you need to step back and collect your thoughts. By removing yourself from the noise, you gain a fresh perspective that leads to better decisions. Whether you actually practice yoga, exercise mindfulness or write in a journal, these new Tornado ballpoint pens remind you to BREATHE and be in the moment. 

The Chakra Rainbow is printed with a colorful henna-like pattern with mandalas. Each color represents the different types of energies, along with the yoga positions that are illustrated in the design.

Each comes packaged in a matching tube, plus a donation is made to the Arbor Day Foundation to save 250 square feet of rainforest. To date, over 6.25 million square feet (108 football fields) of rainforest has been saved through the Tornado Rescue program. Namaste.

The pen includes an Easy Flow 9000 ballpoint pen refill in black ink to start. 

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