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Retro 51 Tornado Popper Rollerball Pen - Breakaway (Football)

Retro 51

  • £30.00

The Retro 51 Tornado Popper is a retractable stainless steel rollerball pen with the trademark Retro 51 knurled twist-top. It is a well balanced pen which glides effortlessly across the page.

There were only 2,500 Breakaway Popper pens made, and each one is numbered on the top ring. The barrel has been acid-etched with an iconic matte-finish football hexagon pattern, and there is a football pattern on the top disc.

Your Breakaway Popper comes in attractive gift packaging which doubles as a deskpen holder.

The Popper takes a Schmidt P8127 rollerball refill, or alternatively you could fit an EasyFlow refill if you prefer ballpoints.

The perfect football gift accessory!

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