Retro 51 Tornado Pencil - 30th Anniversary

Retro 51

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The Retro 51 Tornado pencil is a twist-action mechanical pencil with a trademarked knurled top which contains a large, replaceable eraser. 

The pencil lead is front loaded, and the amount of lead showing is adjusted by the knurled cap. Take care to remove any waste lead before inserting the new lead but stop turning when the ejector pin is visible, otherwise you can damage the mechanism. Turn back the pin and insert the new lead.

The pencil is supplied with 6 white erasers and 12 1.15mm HB leads.

30th Anniversary Information

It all started thirty years ago walking into store with a tray of pens and coming out with an order.  Retro didn't even have an office until July of 1990 when the lease was signed for 1500 square feet in Dallas, Texas. It's hard to believe that thirty years has flown by but here we are. We thank you for your many years of business together because we could not be here without you.

To celebrate three decades of fine writing instruments we bring you this special release of the 30th Anniversary Tornado. The barrels are made from cellulose acetate in a marbled white and pearl blend that has been finished with polished rhodium accents.  A total of 1951 pieces have been produced with each one engraved with it's LE number. 

Cellulose acetate is known for its strength, deep gloss, and high transparency. Pen enthusiasts also covet it for its warm and “natural” feel in the hand. This is because it’s derived from organic materials found in nature, most commonly cotton or wood pulp. It should also be noted that cellulose acetate, when properly cared for, is one of the most durable and long lasting materials ever utilized in the manufacturing of fine writing instruments.


·         Limited Edition of 1951 pieces (total of FP, BP & Pencils)
·         Cellulose Acetate Barrels
·         Rhodium Accents
·         Limited Edition numbering on top ring 
·         Pearl White Packaging


Length: 130mm
Diameter: 11mm
Weight: 34g

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