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Last existing Lufthansa Boeing 707-430 now at Aviationtag!

The Boeing 707-430 sporting registration D-ABOD and manufacturer serial number (MSN) 17720 was delivered to Lufthansa on 24 April 1960. It was with this plane christened “Frankfurt” that the airline heralded in the jet age in Germany. After 15 years of service flying between Tokyo, São Paulo and San Francisco, the Boeing 707 was retired and parked at Hamburg Airport from 30 April 1975 – inter alia under the registrations D-ABOB and D-AFHG. In 1976, the plane flew to Munich Riem for the film “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” starring Burt Lancaster. For this film, the left side of the fuselage was painted in the colours of Air Force One. In the years that followed, the aircraft was used as a ground transporter, film prop and training plane. From 1999, D-ABOD officially belonged to Hamburg Airport. For cost reasons, the airport decided to scrap the jet in June 2021 and auction off relevant parts.

So we are all the more thrilled to be able to save part of this historic aircraft and bring the aircraft skin of the very last Boeing 707-430 home to you.

Please read the product information below.


Important product information:

We have deliberately chosen to leave the material of this truly historic plane in its original condition in order to preserve its aura. This means that this special edition has chipping, several layers of overlapping paint and also foiled layers where the foil sometimes buckles slightly.

If we had removed these perfect imperfections, the Aviationtag would be shiny and white – but no longer as authentic. This is not an edition for your key chain or luggage – this is one for your display case. If that bothers you, we recommend you go for one of our other Lufthansa editions.

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