Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen


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The Kaweco Supra is more than a bit special.  Evolved from the more petite Kaweco Liliput fountain pen, the Supra is altogether larger - longer, broader and heavier. It is an uber-flexible pen - it's clever design with removable mid-section lets you choose whether you want a full-sized pen or a more compact one.  Either way, the cap screws on to the end when in use.  At it's smallest, the Supra could be a James Bond bullet pen!

Used long, the Kaweco Supra can take long cartridges.  Used smaller, it uses standard international cartridges (or an ink converter).

The Kaweco Supra is made of raw, unfinished brass.  This means that your pen will become unique as it ages and develops it's own patina.  On the other hand, if you prefer to keep it looking pristine, you can polish it.

The large Bock nib is made from stainless steel.

Your Kaweco Supra is presented in a nostalgic gift tin.

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