Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Brass Wave


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Sleek, slender and elegant, the Liliput is one of the oldest series in the Kaweco range. It comes in untreated brass, copper, aluminium or stainless steel.

The Liliput fountain pen is an ultra-compact pocket fountain pen - it is the smallest fountain pen in the world to take a standard international ink cartridge, yet with the cap screwed on the end it becomes a full-sized fountain pen. It comes with a stainless steel Bock nib available in 5 stainless-steel nib sizes. 

The brass wave Kaweco Liliput fountain pen is made from solid uncoated brass with a ribbed finish, and has a pleasing weightiness (24g) in the hand.  Over time it will, unless polished, develop a patina and a look unique to you.  In fact, Brass-Sport owners have a bit of a reputation for their obsession with the patina of their pen, and like to compare theirs with others!  If, however, you prefer your pens pristine, you can always keep it perfectly polished with our pen polish.

Your Kaweco Liliput comes in a Kaweco gift tin.  Alternatively, why not treat yourself to the Liliput Pen pouch?!


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