Kaweco Classic Sport Calligraphy Set - Black


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The Kaweco Classic Sport Calligraphy Set contains a Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen with 4 sizes of steel italic nibs - 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm and 2.3mm. 

The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is based on an octagonal design with an oversized cap, and was first used by Kaweco in the 1930s.  It is just 105mm when closed, however when the cap is posted on the barrel it becomes a full sized 135mm fountain pen - hence the slogan "Small in the pocket, large in the hand".  

The Classic Sport is made of plastic, and has the Kaweco logo in gold on top of the cap.  The nib is made by Bock of Heidelberg and is available in 5 sizes from extra fine to extra broad.  The Classic Sport uses standard international ink cartridges or use of bottled ink with a converter.

Your Kaweco Classic Sport Calligraphy Set is presented in a sliding gift case, complete with instructions and spare ink cartridges. 


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