Is this the perfect paper for you? - Today Kim is talking about all things Endless.

Is this the perfect paper for you? - Today Kim is talking about all things Endless.



Is this the perfect paper for you? - Today we are talking about all things Endless. 


If you are a email subscriber to our website you will already know who I am. My name is Kim and along with my husband Richard we are the owners of Mann Inc. I run the day to day operation of the business with Louise my bestie. 


Customers have been coming to us for a while now asking for that ‘perfect’ paper for their fountain pen, a notebook with pages where ink doesn’t bleed though the page, the tooth has to be just right and the sheen a brilliant finish. We did our research and we believe we have found it in Endless.


We have recently starting stocking this up and coming notebook brand from India and I have fallen in love with it already. Every product has been though about and has those little touches that make you say ”that’s good”

Down to business, Endless have been using Tomoe River paper however they now are finishing the Tomoe paper lines and are using Regalia paper. Regalia paper is 80gsm this is what provides the paper with its rich high quality texture, they boldly claim the paper sheening is better than Tomoe River.


Now with thicker 80gsm acid-free paper made in-house for your joy. Experience Regalia, our proprietary paper and feel the richness. Our handy hard-cover notebooks also come with an-inner pocket to store the essentials.


With one of the best colour reproductions of  ink on any paper, experience sheening and shading like never before.



Recorder Notebooks


To product has to be the Recorder Notebook, the Recorder Notebooks come in a variety of colours and layouts, it's hard back cover comes with an inner pocket.It’s beautifully finished with soft touch cover and 2 bookmark ribbons. And of course regalia paper.


Explorers Journals


Do you find that you have a beautiful notebook only to not want to use it because it is “too special to use”? Not only do Endless produce beautiful notebooks but they also have refillable journals! The Endless leather Explorer is stylish and practical, not to mention eco friendly. It is able to hold 2 regalia notebooks so there’s no need to compromise on which paper style to choose or if you make a mistake you can just start again. I was surprised to see it includes a pen loop and 1 storyboard notebooks. The refills are also sold separately at a very reasonable price. To top it off the Explore is available in  Cactus leather if leather products are not for you. The Cactus leather is amazingly soft, I want not expecting such an exception alternative to leather. 

My favourite thing about the Explorer is the cotton insert (sold separately) You can pop all your bits and bobs in the cotton wallet from business cards to headphones. It even has a zip section for loose items  or even a mobile phone. Combined with the pen loop the Explorer is everything you need to stay organised whilst out and about.


Creative Block 

I have to say Rich was so excited about the creative block, he is forever jotting down notes for himself. One of these creative blocks on his desk is such a treat, there’s no need for scrap paper around just this tidy little pad. I love the different sizes that are available to suit everyones needs where it is the pocket note or the large A4 pad. I can just image the pocket pad being used by a fountain pen artist whilst out and about, or an accountant creating a job list. Versatility is the key here. 

Each and every product has the wow factor. It’s hard not to get exciting about Endless, I’ve researched reviews on the products and they all To sum it up we   can’t find a down side to Endless stationery products.



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